Tokyo Drift Monte Carlo

Driver: Sean Boswell (played by Lucas Black)
FnF franchise: Tokyo Drift (The Fast and The Furious part 3)
Vehicle Model: 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
  • Can be seen in the early parts of the film
  • Raised with a red Viper and was trashed at the end of that race
  • Vehicle was never seen and used again in the film 
  • Out of all the Fast and Furious diecasts released by Joyride in 1:64, this one has the coolest wheels.
  • And there is something classic about that barn-yard-find-like paint job

Revell 1:24 The Fast and The Furious Black Honda Civic

Model: Honda Civic
Driver: Dom, Vince, Letty, Jessie, Eddie
Manufacturer: Revell
Scale: 1/24
Where to buy: YoHoHoN COOLectibles
Current Market SRP: 3,500 php
Trivia ---
 One of the most iconic vehicles in the FnF franchise. This is the car used by Dom’s crew in the first instalment of the Fast and Furious when they hijack the truckers.
Aside from Revell, the only diecast manufacturer that produced this vehicle is Racing Champions.

Revell 1:24 The Fast and The Furious Mitsubishi Eclipse

Model: Mitsubishi Eclipse
Driver: Brian
Manufacturer: Revell
Scale: 1/24
Where to buy: YoHoHoN COOLectibles
Current Market SRP: 3,500 php
Trivia ---
This is another must have for The Fast and The Furious diecast collectors. As can be remembered, this is the car that Brian used for his first race which was destroyed Johnny Tran and his crew.
This Fast and Furious model by Revell has opening doors and hood.

Revell 1:24 Fast and Furious Mazda RX7

Model: Mazda RX7
Driver: Dominic Torretto
Manufacturer: Racing Champions
Scale: 1/24
Where to buy: YoHoHoN COOLectibles
Current Market SRP: 3,500 php
Trivia ---
This is one of three vehicles used by Dom in the first film (the other two are the black Civic and black Charger with blown up engine). What makes this car special is that this car used by Dom for the major part of the film and in the first 4-way race that include JA Rule and RJ De Vera

Fast and Furious Johnny Lightning Nissan

This is a white lightning Fast and Furious Nissan diecast replica from Johnny Lightning. When we say "white lightning" it is the equivalent of Super Treasure Hunts from Hotwheels. Basically, this means that it is extremely rare and may come with white rims, white tires, white interior, and white base/chassis (or all of the above).

Anyway, Johnny Lightning produced two Fast and Furious diecast replicas in its Hollywood on Wheels line. Both are Nissan and from the second movie 2Fast 2Furious. The one featured on this post is a white lightning version. Enjoy the photos

Brian's Orange Supra Diecast

In part 1 of the FnF movie, Brian mainly used three rides. These are the green Mitsubishi Eclipse, orange Toyota Supra, and red F150 with the words racer's edge on the side. Since we have already featured the red F150 diecast from Revell here, this post will highlight the orange Toyota Supra diecast from Racing Champions and Hotwheels.

Racing Champions is quite known for its great diecast replicas of cars that appeared in The Fast and The Future films. Most have excellent details and their rendition of the orange Supra is no exception. Unfortunately, the one produced by Hotwheels was far meager, no very much inferior, when compared with Racing Champions. The photos below will show the great difference.

Lastly, Racing Champions released a diecast collectible in three scales - 1:64, 1:24, and 1:18. While Hotwheels released it in 1:64 scale but in its basic line and special commemorative line.

Racing Champions Honda Civic with Letty Figure

Racing Champions' black Honda Civic is one of the best Fast and Furious diecast collectible out there. The black Honda Civic holds significant value as it is the main vehicle used by the cast when they started out with their criminal life. 
For those who are not aware, in part 1 of the movie, Dom and his crew used black Honda Civics to hijack truckers. The movie diecast collectible featured here is also important as it has a Letty figure. The Letty figure can only be found on this particular movie car released and in the red RX7 1:24 scale released.

Anyway, enjoy the photos

Monalisa VS Drift King Diecast

This post shows a side by side diecast comparison of the movie Tokyo Drift's Monalisa and DK's Nissan 370z. Both diecast are in 1:64 scale and is produced by Joyride. These two vehicles are considered quite rare. But it is interesting to note that Hotwheels has produced a somewhat meager diecast version of DK's Nissan 370z. If one is to see the movie, they would agree that Joyride has definitely done a much better job than Hotwheels. Enjoy the pics:

Tokyo Drift MonaLisa Diecast

Joyride's Monalisa Diecast collectible is now very hard to find in both online and offline (hobbyshops) stores. Monalisa is the name given by Han on the vehicle used by Sean in his first drift race against DK (Drift King)

Nowaday,s Tokyo Drift's Monalisa diecast is very rare that is commands a very high price - and for good reason. It is highly detailed and accurate, has opening hood and is equipped with real rubber tires. Even the rims are gorgeous and the engine detail. Enjoy the photos below:

Tokyo Drift Monaco Diecast

Tokyo Drift diecast featured here is used by Sean in the early portion of the film. As can be remembered, this Monaco diecast is a replica of the one used by Sean in his first race - where both racers crashed their vehicles.

This Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift diecast is highly detailed - especially the wheels and paintjob. Just like other Joyride FnF diecast collectibles, this one comes in rubber tires and opening hood and is in 1:64 scale

Enjoy the photos: