Brian's F150 Racers Edge from Part 1

What we have here is a diecast replica of the Brian's F150 racer's edge service vehicle. This particular ride appeared in part1 of the FnF franchise or better known as The Fast and The Furious.

The F150 Fast and Furious diecast on this post is produced by Revell in two package variants. The F150 racer's edge photos below will show the difference between the two. Basically, the casting or diecast itself is the same - with the only difference is the packaging or card.

Eventhough the car is highly detailed, with opening hood and rubber tires, the description on the side of the truck is not accurate. The one produced by Racing Champions is much more accurate but it does not sport an opening hood. The F150 Racing Champions Fast and Furious diecast will be featured on another post. For now, enjoy the Ford Racer's Edge by Revell below.


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