Brian's Orange Supra Diecast

In part 1 of the FnF movie, Brian mainly used three rides. These are the green Mitsubishi Eclipse, orange Toyota Supra, and red F150 with the words racer's edge on the side. Since we have already featured the red F150 diecast from Revell here, this post will highlight the orange Toyota Supra diecast from Racing Champions and Hotwheels.

Racing Champions is quite known for its great diecast replicas of cars that appeared in The Fast and The Future films. Most have excellent details and their rendition of the orange Supra is no exception. Unfortunately, the one produced by Hotwheels was far meager, no very much inferior, when compared with Racing Champions. The photos below will show the great difference.

Lastly, Racing Champions released a diecast collectible in three scales - 1:64, 1:24, and 1:18. While Hotwheels released it in 1:64 scale but in its basic line and special commemorative line.

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